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Job Announcement: Colonial Middle School Spanish Teacher

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Colonial Middle School, located at 716 Belvoir Rd in Plymouth Meeting, PA, is looking for a French certified teacher. This is a Long Term Substitute position complete with a teacher salary and benefits scheduled to begin on January 19, 2021 and continuing until June 11, 2021. It would be preferred that the candidate teach on the middle school campus; however teaching virtually is an option. The candidate sought will teach according to the following schedule:

All classes are 30 minutes long Mon-Thurs. (6 classes taught per day)

On Fridays all classes are 20 minutes long, with dismissal @ 11:45AM, followed by teacher prep and collaboration time.

All teacher work days are 7:45AM - 3PM.

Grade 6 students are provided with an exploratory experience consisting of cultural exploration and basic language. (2 classes per day)

Grade 7 students study the first half of a traditional French I course. (2 classes per day)

Grade 8 students study the second half of a traditional French I course. (2 classes per day)

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