Act 48 credit for independent learning


Act 48 Credit

On April 15 MCATFL will upload Act 48 hours for members to credit time spent in self-selected and self-directed professional learning in order to do our new jobs of teaching our students from home. 

Most of us were not prepared to have to teach this way and have spent a lot of time on our computers learning, sharing resources, thinking, taking notes, and developing new ways to share our languages with our students and keep them engaged and interested in learning.

If your school is not offering Act 48 credit for your professional development at home, please feel out the linked form, and we'll submit hours for you through MCATFL.

Estimate the amount of time you have spent on professional development at home, so that we have a good record of what people are doing.  And in the likely event that we select a uniform, reasonable, and modest number to report for everyone, tell us also which number of hours might best reflect your actual time.

Professional Learning During Covid-19